Background History

Technological University ( Lashio )

The present Technological University (Lashio) TULSO began as Government Technical Institute (GTI) on 27th December, 1999. It was situated at Quarter (12), Northeast of Lashio and offered three-year diplomas on vocational education. The Institute was upgraded to Government Technical College on 10th September, 2001 and offered four-year degree programmes on Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and five-year degree programmes on Bachelor of Engineering (B.E).

On 20th January, 2007, Government Technical College (Lashio) was promoted to Technological University (Lashio) and three-storeyed main building was constructed at the present site, at the east of Lashio-Hsenwi Highway Road,  Hopaik village. The University was moved to that place on 1st July 2007.

To fulfil the requirement of the regional need, Master degree programmes on Civil Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering and Electronic Engineering were opened from 2009 to 2012. There were altogether 25 Master degree holders in respective courses.

Six-year Bachelor of Engineering undergraduate programmes have been initiated since (2014-2015) academic year. Technological University (Lashio) is now offering four Engineering Courses: Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Technological University (Lashio) is linked with all other Technological Universities in Myanmar in order to achieve the quality standard of teaching and learning. Teaching syllabuses for each engineering and academic subjects are made up to meet the requirement of the international standards.

Technological University (Lashio) was certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding – SAS UK Branch in 2018 as the organization has executed in accordance with the requirement of the quality management system. With the aim of being internationally accredited, IQA Unit was formed in 2019 and at present, this unit is initiating to implement the process of QA within the university.